The environment is a priority at the Lac Bleu 1650 hotel, and this since our arrival!
Eco-responsibility is written in our DNA.

Our goal: to minimize the ecological footprint, from construction to operation.

This approach is comprehensive and participatory.
Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed!

See rather!

Nothing is lost…

We are convinced that nothing is lost. In any case, as soon as we were able to do so, we opted for 100% recycled materials: from the carpet to the duvet, including the straws!

We make still and sparkling water ourselves , using a process that filters local water, thus reconciling taste quality and innovation… No more mineral water in plastic bottles!

We also use straws exclusively made of bamboo … .. But also, our room fragrance comes from a French house that manufactures candles and home fragrances. Each of these creations is unique, entirely handmade, based on beet alcohol .

Our future carpet is produced from reclaimed and renewable materials , such as ECONYL® yarn, which is made from industrial waste such as used fishing nets.

Offre d'emploi "Chef de Cuisine"

Nous un recherchons un Chef de Cuisine

  • Poste nourri, logé (avec appartement individuel) et blanchi.
  • Contrat saisonnier du 15 décembre 2024 au 31 mars 2025.
  • Salaire : 6200 € brut mensuel.
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